I want to be a member

I want to be a member

Annual fee - 30 Euro

Bank transfer information:

  • Asociatia Hernia Training Center
  • CIF 40677326
  • CONT RON- RO77 INGB 0000 9999 0890 5774 
  • CONT EURO - RO54 INGB 0000 9999 0890 5800;

Member benefits: 

  • preferential acces to courses and conferences
  • reduced fees to courses and conferences
  • unlimited access to the HTC Facebook
  • fellowships in our partner clinics, in Romania and abroad

*to validate your registration, we invite you to complete the ​​registration form and to pay the 30 Euro annual fee. Proof of payment will be sent via contact@htc.com.ro.
*for INVOICE please provide by mail the company name, registration number and the complete address
*all payments will be made according to the Euro exchange rate on the day of the bank transfer.


CUIM or CNP for romanian doctors
Professional degree:
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