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Welcome Letter

Dear colleagues,

Despite the restrictions due to pandemic Covid-19, The Society "Hernia Training Center" continues the tradition to organize - even virtually - the Conference Romanian Hernia Days between the 15th to 16th of October 2020. 

As the last events, famous faculty of hernia surgery from Europe, Russia, Columbia, India and the USA will present modern techniques in abdominal wall repair under the motto of this conference ”Why should I do this ...?!”

This RHD edition would like to be a discussion between the lectors and the participants especially during the last one, "The Alphabet in Laparoscopic Hernia Repair", a pragmatic session when the experts will present practical details in laparoscopic hernia repair and also in other very interesting domains as mesh infection, postoperative management of the patient etc.

Stay safe! Stay connected in ROMANIAN HERNIA DAYS 2020!